nicholas peall
At the 250th RA Summer Exhibition

I’m interested in how we process and view the world; the systems and rituals that we undergo in our daily lives. My work is fuelled by modern-day anxiety and the yearning for spiritual freedom which, in our age of electronic chaos, can be hard to achieve.

Multiple drawings created from an array of personal experiences, thoughts and ideas are collaged to form the basis of my paintings. Mostly drawn from memory, these create a further blurring of reality. And through the physical material of paint, forms shift again and again as I grapple with the elusive qualities to achieve a completed image. Only after  some discomfort with the process and some searching does the final image start to reveal itself.

Born Sussex, lives and works in London




Art Car Boot Fair, Granary Square, Kings Cross
250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, coordinated by Grayson Perry
Hermoine Hammond Drawing Prize, runner-up, organised by the Mall Galleries
Flowers Central, Artist of the day, group show with Turps
Set 24, The Art Academy
Open Studio Turps Art School



The Gentle Touch in the US conservative publication The National Review.
The Gentle Touch mentioned in the Grayson Perry Observer interview and in the
Evening Standard, under the sub-title ‘Some of the paintings are quite rude’


Open Studio Turps Art School


Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, Selectors: Dan Coombs, Chris Orr RA , Celia Imrie, Ian Mayes QC, Sacha Craddock, Michael Glover 

Open Studio ASC,  Chaplin Centre


Turps Studio Programme, 2017-2019
Fine Art, First Class, University of Gloucestershire, 1989-1991