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back This installation was created as a complex ‘simulation’ that operated on multiple levels to engage, unsettle and perplex the viewer. Monitors rigged to multiple CCTV cameras within the gallery relayed the current occupancy to viewers approaching the space. A further monitor in the gallery pointedly reinforced the recording of the space. A budget, acid…(Read More)



back Spent Youth, 2019, 152 x 200cm, oil on canvasThe Pleasure Beyond, 2019, 152 x 200cm, oil on canvasMedium Rare, 2019, 152 x 137cm, oil on canvasGanymede’s Picnic, 2019, 200 x 152cm, oil on canvasSofter than usual, 2019, 132 x 97cm, oil on canvasOrange Nylon, 2019, 200 x 152cm, oil on canvasSomnium II, 2019…(Read More)

back A collection of ten charcoal on canvas works, A5, 2018. The first in the series, entitled ‘Damp Wood’, was exhibited at Flowers Central gallery during their final Artist of the Day group show, July 2018…(Read More)

12 drawings, indian ink on paper, each 36 x 26cm back Open for discussion, 2016, ink on paper, 36 x 26cmA certain release, 2016, ink on paper, 36 x 26cmBound by the rules, 2016, ink on paper, 36 x 26cmLingering thoughts, 2016, ink on paper, 36 x 26cmWrapped up in myself, 2016, ink on paper…(Read More)

back The¬†banality of predictive search captured in a glossy but ultimately useless publication. NB: For research purposes only. No ownership of any of the images displayed on this page or within the publication is assumed.¬† &nbsp…(Read More)